Can Functional Training Build Muscle?

Woman performing deadlifts, one of the best functional exercises for whole-body strength and building muscles.

Functional exercises focus on full-body movements, like jumping jacks, instead of isolating only leg muscles while doing it on a leg press machine. In addition to making you stronger, functional training trains multiple muscle groups in a single exercise, which promotes balance and endurance. As a result, you develop strength holistically and make your body … Read more

Is Calisthenics Functional Training?

Yes, calisthenics is a type of functional training.

Functional training is mainly based on movement patterns and gives more significance to the compound, multi-joint exercises, while calisthenics does the same but only with the bodyweight version.  However, are all calisthenics exercises part of regular functional training?  Keep reading to find out.  Is Calisthenics Functional Training? Calisthenics is a form of functional training. Calisthenics … Read more