10 Best Resistance Bands for Women [ 2024 Review ]

Best Resistance Bands for Women 2023 Review

This is a review of the best resistance bands for women.

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Picking the resistance band which will be a good fit for you isn’t as easy as it sounds,

I did several tests with all types of resistance bands to find the best one.

After completing all of the tests, I categorized them on a list of the best ones for women.

You can see the results of my tests down below.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Top 3 Resistance Bands for Women

Editor’s Choice

Renoj Resistance Loop Bands

Renoj Resistance Loop Bands

– 3 levels

– Loop bands

– Easy to carry

#2nd Best Choice

Vergali Resistance Bands

Vergali Resistance Bands

– Latex bands

– Non-slip

– Set of 4

#3rd Best Choice

Fit Simplify Exercise Bands

Fit Simplify Exercise Bands 

– High-end bands

– Set of 5

– Superior quality

Best Resistance Bands for Women

Best Resistance Bands for Women 2024 Reviews

After spending more than 15 hours on testing, I concluded with this list of the best resistance bands for women.

We considered three main factors when assessing bands which are durability, weight, and price.

You can see down below our top selections of resistance bands that made the top 10 list.

1. Best Premium Resistance Bands: Renoj Resistance Loop Bands


Durability: 5.0

Weight: 5.0

Price: 5.0


3 resistance levels

Resistance loop exercise bands

Easy to carry with a case

The Renoj loop bands are a perfect set if you want to work on your legs and glutes; their resistant and non-slip design will maintain their elasticity even after extensive use, so you can confidently incorporate them into your workout without any worries.

Based on our first-hand experience, this set is made so you can use it for CrossFit, pilates, yoga, and even more, which means that your fitness levels don’t matter and that you can be a complete newcomer or experienced and still enjoy the bands.

In addition, the lightweight construction of these makes them easy to carry, and it comes with a very convenient case for transport and storage.

Our team discovered through using this product that these smell really bad.


  • It is durable and well-made
  • Good for hip-trust
  • They are comfortable to wear
  • The elasticity has held up


  • They smell reality bad

2. Best Durable Resistance Band: Vergali Resistance Bands


Durability: 5.0

Weight: 4.9

Price: 5.0


Latex bands


Resistance bands set of 4

The Vergali resistance bands are designed with a mix of latex and fabric, ensuring that you don’t pitch your skin whether you wear them directly on your bare skin or you use them over clothes.

Also, this set features four resistance levels, which makes these bands amazing for both beginners and intermediate users, and they are perfect for toning your glutes, hips, and thighs, and also the non-slip design ensures that the bands stay in place when you use them in various exercises like hip circles, squats, and other leg movements.

Furthermore, the Vergali bands offer you durability and quality, and as a bonus, you get online instructional videos that will further enhance your experience in the gym, and the company gives you a satisfaction guarantee so you can get a refund.

Through our trial and error, I discovered that these might be too long for some women.


  • They are worth every penny
  • Better than most resistance bands
  • Perfect for home and gym workouts


  • They might be too big

3. Best Heavy-Duty Resistance Band: Fit Simplify Exercise Bands 


Durability: 4.8

Weight: 4.9

Price: 5.0


High-end Fit Simplify resistance loop

Resistance band set of 5

Superior build-quality

The Fit Simplify resistance bands set comes with 5 varying levels of resistance, ranging from the lighter to the heavier options, which makes this the perfect set for both beginner and more experienced lifters.

These resistance loop exercise bands have multiple uses and are highly recommended for physical rehabilitation to help people recover from injuries; however, it features a superior build quality while making them extremely gentle on your skin which is a great bonus.

The illustrated booklet comes with this set which features dozens of examples of illustrated exercises that target all kinds of muscle groups, some of which include ankles, abs, shoulders, hips, and back.

We have found out from using this product that Fit Simplify resistance loop bands won’t stay in a fixed place and will move.


  • These definitely work for working out
  • Perfect for a resistance band training
  • Each resistance band is a different color


  • They don’t stay in place

4. Best Resistance Bands for Travel: Black Mountain Resistance Band Set 


Durability: 4.8

Weight: 4.9

Price: 4.9


Includes a door anchor, exercise chart, carrying bag, and ankle straps

5 different resistance levels

Features a metal carabiner clipping system

The Black Mountain resistance band set includes 5 bands with various levels of resistance, ranging anywhere from only 2 all the way up to 30 pounds, and when you stack them together, they can give you an impressive 75 pounds of resistance.

Based on our observation, the bands are made out of high-quality rubber, ensuring that it gives you maximum durability and a long lifespan, and a great addition is that they are 99 percent latex free, so women that are sensitive to latex can use them without any worries.

The set included an exercise chart, ankle strap, carrying bag, and a door anchor, which means you get everything you need to get to work immediately.

After trying out this product, I could see that the warranty on these is not the best, and their support is not responsive like it should be.


  • Affordable resistance bands
  • A great investment
  • The hand grips are comfortable


  • Their warranty is not the best

5. Best Budget Tube Bands: TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands 


Durability: 4.8

Weight: 4.9

Price: 4.7


Ankle straps

Made from premium materials

Eco-friendly foam handle

The FitLife exercise resistance bands are made to help you build muscle and burn fat while giving you a wide range of benefits, including increased flexibility, stamina, range of motion, and coordination.

After doing several experiments with it, I found that the versatility is one of the standout features of this set since it has 5 different bands that you can use individually or stacked for various intensity levels.

The set comes with additional accessories like a door anchor, attachable handles, and ankle straps to help you build strength and target different muscle groups.

Drawing from our experience, these bands started to snap after some time.


  • Features a handy storage
  • Great for travel
  • An amazing addition to the home gym


  • The bands snapped after a couple of usages

6. Best Non-latex Resistance Bands: PXT360 Resistance Bands 


Durability: 4.7

Weight: 4.9

Price: 4.7


Lightweight and portable

Resistance bands set of 5

Premium build quality

The PXT350 resistance bands are highly elastic exercise bands that are built to help you lose weight, gain strength, and improve your overall flexibility, and the long rubber loops give you the ability to do all kinds of exercises while targeting several muscle groups.

One of the best features of these is that it possesses a lightweight design making them portable and very compact, which is just perfect if you want to use your bands on the go.

Nonetheless, the PXT360 distance tube bands come with soft foam handles and an ergonomic design, making sure that you get the most comfortable and secure grip while training, and the added door anchor makes this an even more versatile product and extends the pool of different exercises you can do.

Based on our analysis, these tube bands are not made from the best materials and are, therefore, bad quality.


  • Excellent for resistance band training
  • They have a handy storage
  • The resistance bands are well-made


  • They don’t offer a lot of resistance

7. Best Budget Resistance Band: Sunpow Pull up Assistance Bands 


Durability: 4.7

Weight: 4.6

Price: 4.7


Resistance band set

Suitable for any resistance band training

Durable and environmental

The Sunpow pull-up assistance bands are an excellent tool that you can use to target your legs and arms while also providing you with the choice to use them in pilates or yoga.

Our investigation demonstrated that these resistance bands are made from 100% natural latex, which makes them very durable and environmentally friendly, and in addition to all of this, they can withstand heavy use.

Furthermore, the resistance bands set features 5 different bands that vary in their resistance levels, giving you the ability to gradually increase the intensity of your training while also becoming a stronger version of yourself, with each band having its distinct color so you can easily choose the one you want.

Thru trial and error, I found out that the biggest drawback of these resistance bands set is the smell it possesses which doesn’t go away.


  • Perfect for learning pull-ups
  • They are great for traveling
  • The price is reasonable


  • The smell is bad

8. Best Resistance Bands for Glutes: Arena Strength Fabric Booty Bands 


Durability: 4.6

Weight: 4.6

Price: 4.7


Booty bands

Ideal for lower-body exercises

Non-slip resistance bands

The Arena strength fabric booty bands are a must for women that want to strengthen and activate their glutes and lower body because these bands come in three different strength levels.

They are unique because these bands are perfectly sized, and they won’t roll or slip when you exercise.

Also, the booty band set includes a 15-page printed workout program that covers lower-body exercises, warm-up routines, and a full program for home and gym workouts.

Our findings show that these could be too big for smaller girls.


  • They are soft and comfy
  • The resistance is fantastic
  • They give your glutes more resistance than other resistance bands


  • They are quite big for smaller girls

9. Best Pull-up Resistance Bands: Iron Core Fitness Resistance Bands


Durability: 4.7

Weight: 4.6

Price: 4.5


The resistance band is recommended for pull-ups

Free instructions and e-book

Made from 100% latex

The Iron Core resistance bands are perfect for you if you want to improve your speed, agility, and explosiveness with a tension range of 28 to 50 pounds, which is a great amount for various purposes. 

This product is better than its competitors because it comes with free materials, instructions, and two e-books.

The band is made out of premium quality latex, so it ensures you use it safely and that it will last.

Based on our experience, these bands are extremely thin and could snap shortly after.


  • Great for pull-ups assistance
  • The build quality is good
  • Good bands for the price


  • They are extremely thin

10. Best Resistance Bands With Handles: COFOF Resistance Bands


Durability: 4.5

Weight: 4.6

Price: 4.5


A resistance bands set

Two ankle straps

High-quality resistance bands for women

The COFOF resistance bands are a set with five bands, each representing a different level of resistance, so you can easily adjust the intensity of your workouts and target various muscle groups.

Based on our analysis, these bands are made of eco-friendly latex natural latex material, making them incredibly elastic, durable, and gentle on your skin.

Also, the set features all sorts of accessories, including a door anchor, ankle straps, and handles to help you create the best possible personal gym experience.

After trying out this product, I found out that the resistance levels were not properly marked as they should have been.


  • They are beautiful and awesome colored
  • The great resistance band set
  • Lots of resistance levels to choose from


  • The resistance levels are not marked properly
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How We Selected and Tested the Resistance Bands for Women

I tested quite a few of the most popular resistance bands on the market. 

After putting them thru several tests, I ranked them based on their durability, overall value, and price. 

Buyer’s Guide

Before you pick your ideal resistance band, you will need to make sure you get the one that is made so it suits you the best.

To ensure you get the proper one, below is a list of things that you should consider before selecting to get the best resistance band for you.

What to Look For in a Resistance Band for Women

Sometimes it can feel daunting to make a decision, especially if you are not well-informed about which kind of product you want.

Should you get mini bands or loop bands? 

Or even to choose the resistance levels or material out of which bands are made.

Here are all of the things that you should look into before choosing the best resistance bands for yourself.

The image showcases different factors to consider when purchasing resistance bands for women. These include style, tension range, price, material, and included accessories.


If you are not sure which style of resistance band is the best for you, think about what kind of resistance band exercise you want to do. 

When you have that in mind, it will drastically help you narrow down the choices.

Also, picking loop bands could be the best option if you want to challenge yourself during leg and glutes workouts. 

However, you might want to look into tube bands for exercises like biceps curls and triceps extensions. 

Both loop bands and tube resistance bands are highly versatile and can be incorporated into a full-body workout.

Getting a power band is your choice if you want to improve the form when doing pull-ups or add even more intensity. 

These bands aren’t that versatile, but you can stretch them.

Tension Range

Most of the resistance bands set come with a specific tension range from light, medium, and heavy or by pounds. 

Furthermore, some of the companies lost the tension range for each band rather than for the resistance bands set in total.

Getting a set with minimum tension is best for upper-body exercises, and with maximum tension, that will be useful for lower-body exercises in your strength training. 

When you get these resistance bands set with all sorts of different tension levels, you don’t have to worry about getting additional bands since you can do everything with the set you have.


One of the most important factors when buying resistance bands is the price. 

If you want to get premium resistance bands, you will need to spend significantly more if you were to get some cheaper alternatives.

Some resistance bands can be found quite cheap, but with them, you can expect a lack of durability. 

That means more affordable resistance bands are much thinner, and the material used is not the best.


It doesn’t matter which kind of resistance band you get; most of them are rubber or latex. 

Both of these materials are extremely stretchy, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

Latex will offer you a wider range of stretch, while rubber is a more durable material.

While loop bands can be made from these two materials, some resistance bands are made from woven knit, a material that is gentle on your skin.

Included Accessories

There is a big chance that some accessories will be included in your purchase, which will help you get more versatility out of the resistance bands set. 

Additionally, some of the most popular added accessories that you could find are ankle straps, door anchors, and handles.

Ankle straps will help you with moves like hip abduction and hip adduction to stabilize your ankles. 

Handles are often clipped onto tube bands with a carabiner clip to give you a place to put the tubes with ease. 

However, if you get door straps in a set, you will be able to do exercises like rows, kickbacks, and others.

Who Should Buy Resistance Bands for Women?

Women should buy Resistance bands for women if they are just starting with working out. This can be a great start for you if you want an extra challenge when doing some functional exercises.

In short, resistance bands are perfect for women who want to work out anywhere and even on the go.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Resistance Bands for Women?

Women who are allergic to latex shouldn’t buy resistance bands. Most resistance bands are made out of latex, which can cause allergic reactions for some.

Apart from them, men shouldn’t really buy resistance bands for women since they won’t offer the best resistance.

What Are the Different Kinds of Resistance Bands for Women?

There are several different kinds of resistance bands for women. There is a lot to pick from, but some are better suited for particular exercises. 

To help you with the choice, here is a rundown of all options down below.

The image showcases different kinds of resistance bands for women. These include tube resistance bands, loop resistance bands, small loop bands, booty bands, and pull-up bands.

Tube Resistance Bands

Tube resistance bands are made out of rubber latex, just like resistance loop exercise bands, are hollow, and have two handles on each end. 

These are just perfect for beginners because of the handles that allow you to rest your hands easier. 

Tube resistance bands are repeatedly used in light physical therapies or in mobility exercises.

Loop Resistance Bands

Loop resistance bands are just the regular resistance bands that form a loop, which can be large or small in circumference. 

The smaller bands are typically used for shoulder and leg workouts, while the larger ones can mimic barbell and dumbbell movements like squats, presses, and many others.

Small loop bands

Small loop bands are commonly referred to as mini bands. 

They are elastic loops that you can put around the foot when you lay it down. 

Mini bands are excellent for mobility warm-ups, especially for your shoulders or legs.

Booty bands

Booty bands are similar to mini bands, but booty bands are thicker, stronger, and don’t slip or roll up. 

They are specifically used for glute exercises, as you can guess by their name. 

Both of these variations are good for lower-body movements.

Pull-Up Bands

Pull-up bands are resistance bands that are designed to help you with learning a doing pull-ups or to add more resistance to your body weight routine.

What Are the Benefits of Resistance Band Training for Women?

The benefits of using resistance band training for women are strengthening your muscles, improvement in your flexibility and mobility, and others. Some can overlook resistance band training, but the benefits of this workout are amazing.

Resistance bands can strengthen muscles better than dumbbells. 

Also, you can use bands to do deep stretching or to stretch before a strength training routine. 

All of this is great news since resistance bands are cheap, and they won’t take up a lot of room in your home.

Can Resistance Bands Actually Build Muscle?

Yes, resistance bands can actually build muscle. Resistance bands might not look like much, but they could strengthen your muscles almost as effectively as you would with traditional weights.

Bands might even put more tension onto your muscles and work them longer during some movements.

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What Are the Best Resistance Bands for Women?

Resistance loop exercise bands are the best bands for women. They offer a vast range of resistance levels to accommodate all fitness levels and can be used for various exercises to target several muscle groups, making them an efficient tool for women’s fitness goals.

Are Resistance Bands Good for Women?

Yes, resistance bands are good for women. When you add resistance bands to your workout routine, it will make your body work harder, maximizing muscle growth.

Do Resistance Bands Help With Belly Fat?

Yes, resistance bands help with belly fat. Resistance bands are effective for losing belly fat and strengthening your core, but remember that local fat loss is a myth and you will naturally burn all fat stores across your body and not just in the specific body part.

Can You Get Abs With Resistance Bands?

Yes, you can get abs with resistance bands. Strengthening the core will help you boost your confidence and improve your body shape while improving balance and mobility.

What Are the Disadvantages of Resistance Bands?

The disadvantage of resistance bands is that they will break not long after you buy them. Also, making sure flat bands are layered and not molded can be a key to their durability. 

Is It Ok to Use Resistance Bands Everyday?

Yes, it is ok to use resistance bands everyday. Generally speaking, it is recommended to take planned days off from resistance training to allow your body to recover.

How Do I Choose Resistance Bands for My Glutes?

You can choose resistance bands for your glutes which are 10-15 pounds, so you get used to them. However, if you are familiar with glutes training, you can move onto a heavier resistance which is 30 pounds or even more, to intensify your workout.

Which Brand Is the Best for Resistance Bands?

The best resistance band brand for women is Renoj. They are very versatile, durable, and suitable for all kinds of exercises.

Are Thick or Thin Resistance Bands Better?

Thick or thin resistance bands are better, depending on your goals. When you purchase, thicker bands are better for larger muscle groups, like lats, legs, and glutes, while thinner bands are better for small muscles and joints.

What Can You Expect to Pay for Resistance Bands?

You can expect to pay for resistance bands between $20 and $80. They are also easy to stash away at your home and pack when you are traveling.

What Are the Best Resistance Bands for Women?

The best resistance bands for women are the Renoj loop bands.

Their durable, non-slip design provides excellent resistance for strengthening your glutes and legs.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, these are suitable for various workouts, some of which include CrossFit, pilates, and yoga. 

In addition, they have a lightweight structure and carry cases, making them highly mobile and suitable for use anywhere.

Please let me know which resistance bands you will buy to upgrade your fitness experience.


Durability: 5.0

Weight: 5.0

Price: 5.0


3 resistance levels

Resistance loop exercise bands

Easy to carry with a case

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