Meet the Team

Our Founder & Writer

Vanja's portrait

Vanja Vukas

A Faculty of Sport and Physical Education student, older brother to a future NBA superstar, and a movement enthusiast, Vanja considers exercising a natural cure to many illnesses presented in today’s sedentary modern world. He prefers a movement-based training philosophy, even though he doesn’t shy away from heavy bicep curls and tricep pushdowns from time to time. 

Vanja’s idea is to share knowledge about movement-based fitness on Functional Body Savage with the sheer goal of making our society a healthier and better place to live. 

A quote from one of his favorite movies sums it all up:

“Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof”.

Our Certified Personal Trainer & Writer

Radomir Roknic

Radomir Roknic, a 33-year-old ITEC-certified personal trainer from Serbia, began his fitness journey in martial arts at the age of 10. Achieving a black belt first Dan in Taekwondo and competing in national tournaments, he later expanded to kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. 

After several amateur fights, Radomir shifted focus from competing to training, leading fitness classes in his hometown.

In 2016, he moved to Dublin, Ireland, where he worked at AndyKenny Gym, specializing in helping beginners with posture and muscle imbalances. His pursuit of knowledge led him to a Neuromuscular Therapy course in 2019, deepening his understanding of human anatomy and exercise physiology.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Radomir has transitioned to online coaching, creating personalized workout plans that emphasize resolving muscular imbalances and promoting functional strength. Following the end of the pandemic, Radomir realized that he can have a much wider reach and help a lot more people if he continued fitness coaching online so he successfully continued to do so.

His approach to fitness is holistic, focusing on technique and long-term health rather than quick fixes. Radomir’s philosophy extends to nutrition, advocating for sustainable dietary changes over short-term dieting.

“Join me in making lasting changes and achieving your fitness goals,” invites Radomir, who is committed to guiding clients towards a balanced, healthier lifestyle.

Our Head of SEO

Dusan's portrait

Dusan Stanar

A father of three, an entrepreneur in the field of education, and now a highly proficient specialist in the field of SEO and organic growth practices that actually work, Dusan always takes his job seriously even though he prefers working in his living room where his youngest imitates Jannis Antetokunmpo on a small hoop, and his wife Ana frequently wipes old dusty books on their big vintage shelf. 

Dusan is a highly skilled, experienced, and motivated individual who understands how search engines like Google and Yandex work. His 7+ years of experience in the organic growth branch of digital marketing never disappointed his pool of past and present clients. 

In his free time, he loves watching movies with his son and teaching Vanja everything there is to know about the best On-Page SEO and content marketing practices. These conversations often take hours on end and Vanja often defends his silly current point of view, even though he knows Dusan is almost always right in the end. 

Dusan never stops learning about new SEO practices and continues to develop himself professionally. If you want to get in touch and hire him to increase your organic traffic and improve content management, feel free to reach out. He will help you as much as he’s helping Vanja.


Our Designer

Ana's portrait

Ana Stanar

Ana Stanar, the artistic mind behind many websites she worked for over the years, is not just an art teacher and a mother of three but also a design enthusiast with a keen eye for  aesthetics. Her journey in design began with the creation of her custom-built house, where she meticulously crafted a  functional and visually appealing living space. 

Ana’s approach to design is deeply rooted in her belief that every detail matters, from the layout of real-life and virtual space to the choice of eye-catching visuals. 

Her mission is to inspire others to see the art in their everyday life, turning everyday mundane things into an experience of beauty and efficiency. With her unique blend of artistic talent and practical design knowledge, Ana is dedicated to helping others create appealing website layouts, product boxes, and beautiful landing pages that not only look perfect but also convert and improve user experience. 

From time to time, she also reminds Vanja that our Homepage layout isn’t optimal and doesn’t look good enough UX-wise. However, Vanja keeps ignoring her to this day because he can’t admit his design skills will never match his ability to verbalize his thoughts and ideas on the screen. 

Note: If you are reading this when, in fact, our Homepage looks decent enough, you should know that Ana finally won. She managed to convince Vanja to redesign it according to her precise and creative artistic eye.