How Much Do Dumbbells Cost? [ 2024 Review ]

How Much Do Dumbbells Cost?

Are you going to construct a home gym? Or perhaps you don’t feel like going to the gym or want to buy some fitness equipment so you can train at home when the weather is bad?

It is simpler than ever to design your at-home training regimen using very little equipment now that many workout videos and online resources are available.

Dumbbells are one piece of equipment you will unquestionably need to purchase. Despite their simplicity and one-purpose nature, dumbbells are not inexpensive.

We will review each feature so you can choose when to click the add to cart button.

How Much Do Dumbbells Cost?

On average, dumbbells cost between $1.50 and $4.00 per pound. A set of 12-pound dumbbells usually costs around $48, but the price will depend on some other factors such as durability, type of material, and weight.

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Quick Summary

  • Dumbbells typically cost 1.5 – 4$ per pound.
  • They are so expensive because of their weight and size.
  • There are 3 main ways you can purchase them: used, online, or in-store.
  • Dumbbells are one piece of equipment you will need to buy if you want to build your home gym.

How Much Do New Dumbbells Cost?

New dumbbells cost $1.5 to $4 per pound.

Dumbbells come in four different varieties, and each one will cost different amounts. Each dumbbell type has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Cast iron– dumbbells made entirely of cast iron are typically the most economical options. The most typical head shape is a hex. Paint may crack with time.
  • Hex rubber coated– the most common dumbbell style at the moment. Slightly, but not much, more expensive than cast iron. Much gentler on floors.
  • Urethane – premium substitute for rubber dumbbells. They have the best appearance but also cost a lot more money. 
  • Bowflex and Power Blocks– are the two most popular brands of adjustable dumbbells.

Dumbbell prices will vary depending on the dumbbell’s brand, style, and weight.

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Cost of the Most Popular Brands of New Dumbbells

PowerBlock is one of the most popular brands for dumbbells. Elite EXP dumbbells by PowerBlock, are a great option when buying dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells include extendable extension kits that range in weight from 1.5 to 50 pounds. 

The PowerBlock Elite EXP dumbbells are among the best on the market since they are comfortable for all training sessions, easily adjustable with a magnetic pin, and incredibly robust.

If you wish to have a set for going on an extended vacation or plan to live abroad for a while, they also don’t take up much space and can be transported.

Shipping Cost of New Dumbbells

You must always check the delivery fees when ordering weights online because they may be just as expensive as the dumbbells you purchase.

Don’t forget to factor in the shipping cost when comparing the above prices. Dumbbells weighing 40 pounds each are not exactly transportable.

You won’t have to worry about paying for delivery if you can purchase dumbbells at a physical retailer like Walmart or Dick’s Sporting Goods. It is possible to reduce shipping expenses. 

You can almost always discover delivery discounts on Amazon, especially if you are a Prime Member.

Some businesses like Rogue provide discounted shipping if you buy three or more items.

While buying online doesn’t always involve paying outrageous shipping fees, you should be aware of this when comparing dumbbells.

How Much Do Used Dumbbells Cost?

Used dumbbells cost from $0.70 to $1,5 per pound. This depends on the material the weights are constructed of and how well they have been maintained. 

You must first know the cost of a brand-new dumbbell set to assess whether buying used ones is a good deal.

Due to the current scarcity of dumbbells and practically all other gym equipment, the price of dumbbells on secondary markets like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace is greater than the retail price.

Knowing the price of a dumbbell when it is brand-new is, therefore, the best tool you can have.

The simplest way to compare the cost of dumbbells is to break down the price per pound because the price of dumbbells can vary rather dramatically depending on the dumbbell size.

How Much Do Dumbbells Cost per Pound?

Dumbbells cost 1-2$ per pound. 

Before we dive into the details, let’s establish some general principles.

Does the cost of dumbbells vary depending on weight, or does a larger dumbbell, such as one weighing 100 pounds, cost less than a 25 or 40-pound dumbbell?

The solution is more complicated than you may imagine.

Most brands have a sweet spot where the dumbbells are the least expensive per pound, typically around 40 or 50 pounds.

The price per pound will usually increase if you go lighter or heavier than that.

However, there are certain exceptions to this general norm. As you get bigger, urethane dumbbells usually get less expensive. There are some brands, like York, that are universally the same.

How Much Do Adjustable Dumbbells Cost?

Adjustable dumbbells cost around 350 $. As long as you get a reputable brand of durable dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells are the greatest value dumbbells you can buy.

We only suggest two businesses in this sector for the identical method that allows you to modify the weight. Now, a lot of other companies produce adjustable dumbbells.

You can find numerous adjustable dumbbell options on Amazon with a fast search.

Adjustable dumbbells are more prone to breaking than dumbbells constructed solely of steel or rubber, which can withstand just about anything. If the weight-changing device breaks in any way, all that’s left is a very pricey paperweight.

Due to this, we advise PowerBlocks or Bowflex regarding adjustable dumbbells. Do they cost more than some competing brands? Yes. It is worthwhile.

If you choose to go in this direction, spend the money.

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Cost of the Best New Adjustable Dumbbell Brands

When it comes to adjustable dumbbells, Bowflex and Power Blocks are two major competitors. Power Blocks have been a viable alternative for an adjustable dumbbell since the 1990s, but not anymore.

Power Blocks’ superior rival, Bowflex, entered the market much more recently.

An adjustable dumbbell is what it sounds like if you have never used one before.

By altering the mechanism, weight can be added or subtracted from the dumbbell after it has a base handle.

Adjustable dumbbells are a fantastic option for home workouts because they can turn one dumbbell weight into ten. If you ever need to relocate, dumbbells may be a pain in the back and take up a lot of room. 

Additionally, they are far more economical. Costing $759, the Bowflex 1090s. The entire weight of the available dumbbell weights, if added together, would equal 850 pounds per dumbbell.

As a result, the set costs far less than $1 per pound. ($759 / 1700 = 0.45/lb)

How Much Does a Full Set of Dumbbells Cost?

A full set of dumbbells cost between $40 and $50. This is for dumbbells weighing 2.5, 5, or 8 pounds. However, a couple of sets of heavier dumbbells will have a heftier price tag and may cost more than $1,000.

Can you save money on dumbbells by purchasing a full set instead of just a single pair?

In general, yes.

You will typically get better pricing per pound if you buy a set. If you purchase one pair, Rogue Dumbbells in the 5-50 lb range cost roughly $1.42 per pound.

However, the price per pound reduces to $1.28 if you purchase a whole set weighing 5 to 50 pounds.

Whether you want a complete set of dumbbells is something you must decide. In principle, it sounds beautiful, but do you need two 35-pound dumbbells? Or would a 30 and a 40 suffice for you? Or even three pairs of 15s, 25s, and 40s?

Even though you would save money “per pound,” you would spend more on dumbbells that you don’t need.

Is Buying a Set More Cost-Effective?

In most cases, buying a set is more cost-effective. When a customer wants to purchase multiple pairs of weights or wants to buy massive sets of weights that vary, stores generally offer sizable discounts. 

This is the best option to create a proper home gym because you can save hundreds of dollars by buying all the pairs of dumbbells you desire at once.

It is easier than ever to design your at-home training regimen using minimal equipment.

Rubber-Coated Dumbbells vs. Cast Iron Dumbbells

The most cost-effective choice is going to be the cast iron dumbbells. In addition, many lifters prefer the feel and look of cast iron dumbbells and plates.

However, you must remember that the paint will eventually chip and flake off, but that doesn’t represent a serious issue down the road.

You should also know that rubber hex dumbbells are much better for your floor.

You can freely drop them on the ground, and they won’t cause substantial damage to the surroundings or rest gym equipment.

Why Are Urethane Dumbbells So Expensive?

Urethane dumbbells are so expensive because they are made of a better, denser substance. In addition to looking better, they will continue to appear better for much longer than a rubber dumbbell.

Dumbbells are no different from other rubber products in that they degrade with time. A rubber dumbbell should last and maintain its appearance for at least five years.

When that happens, the rubber coating will start to degrade gradually but inevitably.

But at that time, there is a strong probability they will start to look older. Urethane is an excellent choice if you have the money and want to invest long-term.

Best Place to Buy Dumbbells

Where is the best place to purchase dumbbells if you want the best deal? You can choose between used, online, and retail stores when buying dumbbells. Each has benefits and drawbacks.


The best route to take is usually to purchase used dumbbells. Finding dumbbells at estate sales is one of the best purchasing methods.

You can buy them with this method for as little as 50 cents per pound. Before placing an order, you should inspect any used dumbbells you are considering.

You might purchase a dumbbell with a chip or crack that would shatter, resulting in the need to buy additional dumbbells.

Chipped or cracked dumbbells are less likely to be the weight they are supposed to be. But if you are prepared to wait, you can get some incredible discounts.


The most diverse selection is available to you when you shop online. If you look long enough and closely enough, you might also locate some excellent bargains.

We suggest finding a few stores you wish to shop from and bookmarking their websites. 

Once you know if there are any sales to take advantage of, a few short clicks each morning will inform you.

Just be sure to pay special attention to whether or not there will be any shipping fees associated with your order.

Sometimes, these expenses can be nearly equal to the cost of the dumbbells.


Retail will be your best option if you want to use dumbbells immediately.

Dumbbell exercises can be done at home tonight by simply walking into a store today.

Be patient if possible because you could not receive the best deal or quality on your dumbbells.

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Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive?

Dumbbells are so expensive due to their size and weight. Due to the abundance of foundries and lower cost of labor in China, most cast-iron dumbbell models that are more affordable are produced there; however, shipping them is pretty expensive due to their weight.

What Is the Price of Dumbbells per KG?

The price of dumbbells per kilogram is between $3 and $4. However, there is a sliding scale for particularly high weights, where the cost per kilogram might be as low as $2 to $3.

What Is a Good Price for Adjustable Dumbbells?

A good price for adjustable dumbbells is approximately $300 and may reach $800 or higher. Whether you purchase a single dumbbell or a pair, the total weight of the dumbbells and other features can affect the price of adjustable dumbbells.

What Are the Cheapest Dumbbells?

The cheapest dumbbells are around 2 dollars per kilogram and sometimes even more. That means you can purchase a 5-kilo dumbbell for less than 10 dollars.

Should I Buy Fixed Or Adjustable Dumbbells?

You should buy fixed dumbbells if you have a higher budget and plenty of space to work with. You should buy the adjustable dumbbell set if you don’t have a lot of space in your home gym. 

They don’t occupy a lot of space and provide many of the same exercise alternatives as a fixed dumbbell set.

The plus side is that you can use these two and still benefit from strength training. Remember that if your objective is to advance in your strength training, you must have heavier dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells with a large enough weight range to challenge you. 

Let us know which of these two you plan to purchase.

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