Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive?

Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive?

If you have considered doing your workouts at home, you have looked for dumbbells and learned how expensive they are. Unexpectedly, they are so expensive, given their straightforward design. Why are they so pricey, then?

The high cost of materials is the main factor in the high price of dumbbells. Most dumbbells are constructed of cast iron, which is expensive to obtain. The pricey products are also a result of the complex production process, high tariffs, and costly delivery.

The cost of dumbbells is looked into in this article. Continue reading to learn how to get dumbbells cheaper.

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Quick Summary

  • Dumbbells are expensive for various reasons, including transportation costs, supply and demand, foreign tariffs and taxes, and many others.
  • The best way to save money on dumbbells is by buying used ones.
  • Dumbbells should cost $1–$2 per pound.

10 Reasons Why Dumbbells Are Expensive

Dumbbell prices are high for several reasons. Here are ten reasons why dumbbells are so pricey.

1. Iron Content

Steel is used to determine the weight of these sorts of dumbbells. Following processing, the iron is transformed into the specific type of dumbbell that the company manufactures.

Therefore, the dumbbells could be round or hexagonal.

This dumbbell is the most expensive kind since it uses so much iron.

One of the most common minerals on earth is iron ore. Despite its abundance, mining, and processing still cost a lot of money. These expenses mount up and are reflected in the dumbbell’s cost.

2. Shipping Costs

Shipping is the main cause of cost increases. Weight and shipping costs are related. The cost of shipping a product increases with its weight. Because heavier objects use more fuel, this is.

They add weight to the delivery vehicle, causing it to drag on the ground instead of gliding over it. As a result, the car has to use greater force to go forward down the road. Gas costs money.

The shipping will cost higher the further away you are from the warehouse from where the dumbbell ships. The delivery vehicle will take more gasoline to get to your area. They will use the same fuel to deliver the package to you, even if it is transferred to another vehicle. The cost of purchasing a dumbbell increases with the distance from where it was made.

3. High-Quality Product

Dumbbells must be a top-notch product. If they are of poor quality, they might be harmful. You run the risk of breaking a poor-quality dumbbell while using it. If that occurs, it can fall on you, ricochet and hurt you, harm your house, or all three. 

Manufacturers make significant investments in the procedures used to make dumbbells to ensure that their goods minimize injuries. They invest in machinery and other procedures to ensure that their dumbbells leave the production line without any faults. These costs and quality assurance procedures are high. Dumbbell prices increase as a result.

4. Supply and Demand

An important factor in determining a dumbbell’s price is supply and demand. Price increases dramatically when a product is in high demand. This affected the dumbbell market in 2022.

At the height of the pandemic, few individuals went to the gym to exercise since they were cooped up in their houses. They may haven’t exercised like usual and put on a few pounds.

Since practically everyone has returned to their jobs, they have started to exercise after realizing how out of shape they are. Dumbbells are, of course, the easiest piece of exercise equipment to begin with. Dumbbell prices have increased due to the massive demand for them in 2022.

5. Foreign Tariffs and Taxes

The majority of dumbbells sold in the US come from China. As a result, when they are imported, they are subject to taxes and duties. Tariffs may be pricey in some circumstances.

For instance, the US and China have been engaged in a covert trade war over the past few years. Due to this, there are larger tariffs on Chinese goods and stringent guidelines for what can be imported from China.

Tariffs are also implemented to discourage domestic consumers from purchasing goods from abroad. The government would prefer that the money stays within its borders because various companies produce gym equipment nationwide. Dumbbells from China, however, are frequently more cost-effective and of superb quality.

6. Holidays

Dumbbell costs are also affected by the holidays. The New Year’s Day tradition of making resolutions is well known. It occurs when people set plans and objectives to enhance their lives and selves. The aim is to follow through on those resolutions, to do so until the end of the year or until the goal is achieved.

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. To do this, many people purchase dumbbells for at-home workouts. They frequently start by going out at home since they find working out in a gym unsettling.

7. Long-Lasting

A one-time investment is dumbbells. They do not degrade as quickly as other items.

You don’t need to change your weights if you aren’t changing them. Then you only need to purchase one set of adjustable dumbbells.

Companies must price their products appropriately because most consumers only purchase dumbbells once. If they rely solely on return customers, they cannot turn a profit. They must set the price of the products high to guarantee that they will make enough money.

The price must cover the cost of production and shipment, and the company must make a sizable profit to support additional expenditures. It is crucial to realize that a dumbbell will last for years when you get one. They are constructed of steel.

If the revenue from the one-off sales isn’t sufficient to cover the cost of making the dumbbell, the company won’t continue making them.

8. Paying for Double

Buying a dumbbell is a challenge because most people require two of them. You could manage with one. Nevertheless, exercising takes longer since you can’t work both arms at once. Due to this, most customers purchase them in pairs. Buying two dumbbells has the drawback of increasing your expenditure.

You have to spend twice as much for the iron, twice as much for the manufacturing process, and twice as much for transportation.

9. Resellers

Resellers are one more reason why dumbbells are expensive. Dumbbells are bought from a manufacturer by a reseller for the original price. They not only make a huge profit but also allow them to purchase additional dumbbells from the manufacturer before competitors do.

As a result, they may keep expanding their supply and charge exceptionally high rates because buyers cannot purchase dumbbells elsewhere. They make a ton of money and limit the market by raising the price several times over what it was originally. 

10. Smart Technology

More and more companies are looking into integrating innovative technology into gym equipment in the tech industry. Dumbbells with smart technology are also available. The SelectTech line from Bowflex is one example. Technology has been included in the dumbbells.

The technician can provide information on your present health and suggest ways to get the most out of your workout with the dumbbell set. You can record your workouts as well.

The use of smart technology is a luxury that not everyone needs. However, using the functional gym equipment might appeal to those who want to get the most out of their workout.

How to Save Money on Dumbbells?

You can save money on dumbbells by buying used ones. Here are a few more strategies for getting a decent set of dumbbells at a discount:

Buy After The Holidays – The price of the dumbbells will be more than it would be if you waited, even after any holiday sales are added.

Choose Cast Iron – Given their variety, you might be unsure which type of dumbbells to purchase. Dumbbells made of cast iron are preferable to steel if you wish to save money.

Ask Friends – You can also ask for their equipment if you have friends who work out.


What Are the Cheapest Dumbbells?

The cheapest dumbbells are the plastic dumbbells. They have a plastic outer shell and are sand-filled to the desired weight. However, these dumbbells are not very common due to the weight shifting from one side to the other as you use them.

How Much Should I Pay for Dumbbells?

You should pay $1-$2  per pound for dumbbells. However, the price can vary depending on the type of material used, how heavy they are, and whether they are brand new. Because of this, you must first choose the type before deciding whether to buy one pair or several.

Are Dumbbells a Good Investment?

Yes, dumbbells are a good investment. Dumbbells are essential if you want to start building your home gym.

What Are the Best Budget Dumbbells?

The best budget for dumbbells is no more than $2 per pound. The cast iron dumbbells from CAP Barbell are a fantastic option and now cost between $1.5 and $1.7 per pound.

These dumbbells aren’t entirely made of cast iron because they include steel handles, but the steel utilized is among the most widely accessible. This contributes to the low price of these dumbbells.

Let me know how much you saved on your next dumbbell purchase.

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