15 Functional Shoulder Exercises for Strength & Mobility

15 functional shoulder exercises for strength and mobility

Being one of the body’s most complex and dynamic joints, the shoulder demands specific consideration when exercising.  Exercises for functional shoulders are essential for keeping shoulders healthy and avoiding discomfort and damage.  They engage different muscle groups crucial for healthy shoulder function while enhancing the strength, stability, and mobility of your shoulders.  The overhead press, … Read more

12 Upper Body Free Weight Exercises for Building Muscle

Upper Body Free Weight Exercises

Incorporating upper body free weight exercises into your workout regime is the best way to improve your functional strength and upper body mobility. Unlike machines, free weight exercises will allow for a greater range of motion, require your stabilizers to activate, and increase your overall proprioception due to more stimuli being received through receptors. As … Read more

How to Do an Elevated Sumo Squat: Muscles Worked, Benefits, and Variations

How to Do an Elevated Sumo Squat

The elevated sumo squat is a variation of the traditional sumo squat that allows for a greater range of motion and squat depth.  Why is this important?  Well, it is important because you can intensify your workouts by targeting your adductors and glutes slightly more with the elevated surface. In this article, you will learn: … Read more

How to Do a Prone Ball Cobra Exercise on a Stability Ball

How to Do a Prone Ball Cobra Exercise on a Stability Ball

The prone ball cobra exercise is a pivotal movement for enhancing back strength and stability using a stability ball. This exercise not only targets your lower back muscles but also engages your glutes and shoulder stabilizers, making it an essential addition to any fitness or rehabilitation routine.  Understanding how to perform this exercise correctly can … Read more