31 Functional Exercises for Superior Strength and Mobility

Functional Exercises

Even though there is a lot of buzz surrounding functional training and its effectiveness, transitioning to movement-based training and exercises will enhance your quality of life and have a better carryover to the sport you participate in. Functional exercises are essential for developing a functionally strong musculoskeletal system without muscle imbalances, which is rare nowadays … Read more

29 Free Weight Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

Free weight exercises

Free weight exercises are considered the most functional type of workout out there since they allow for a greater range of motion, more freedom of movement, and require stabilizer muscle activation. Based on my experience as a Faculty of Sport and Physical Education student and more than 30 hours of in-depth research, I compiled the … Read more

Is Bench Press a Compound Exercise?

Is Bench Press a Compound Exercise?

Making your upper-body more functional is easy if you start implementing compound exercises into your workout routine. However, there is a big chance you get confused with the term compound and what it actually means. Is bench press a compound exercise? The bench press is a compound exercise that builds upper body strength and follows … Read more