Fitness Trackers Accuracy | Are They Accurate Enough?

Fitness Trackers Accuracy

Fitness trackers accuracy is essential, especially when you want to get in shape and improve your physical appearance.  There is no shame in needing some help in your journey of getting fitter and trying to lose weight, and fitness trackers are a perfect companion for this adventure.  However, trackers are more accurate than you could … Read more

How Do Fitness Trackers Work? | Full Breakdown

How Do Fitness Trackers Work Full Breakdown

So, how do fitness trackers work, and do they actually respect privacy policies? Learning how fitness trackers work is essential to understanding their limits and using them in the best way possible to improve your health and collect necessary data. However, my experience tells me people also seek to understand how these wearable pieces of … Read more

What Is a Fitness Tracker? | Learn Its Benefits and How It Works

What Is a Fitness Tracker Learn Its Benefits and How It Works

So what is a fitness tracker, and what is it used for? Fitness trackers represent invaluable pieces of technology that are used to facilitate self-monitoring of information related to our health. One of the studies from PubMed Central titled “Health Habits and Wearable Activity Tracker Devices: Analytical Cross-Sectional Study” concluded that for every 1-point increase … Read more

11 Best Fitness Tracker for Pushing Stroller in [year] | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Fitness Tracker for Pushing Stroller

Finding the best fitness tracker for pushing stroller can be difficult because most wristwatches and trackers don’t register any movement. However, some fitness trackers and watches actually register movement even though your hands are not moving at all. Beyond that, I would like to point out that ankle fitness trackers are probably the best possible … Read more

5 Best Treadmill Under 300 Dollars in [year] | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Treadmill Under $300

Finding the best treadmill under 300 dollars that offers both exceptional experience during running and won’t break after 2 months of usage can be tough.  It took me around 45 hours to research, evaluate, and single out only the best cheap treadmill under $300. The whole research and testing process was a complete nightmare, but … Read more