Why Are Kettlebells So Expensive?

Why Are Kettlebells So Expensive?

Kettlebells are one of the essential gym equipment in the fitness world. Due to the variety of exercises and the goals you can achieve with just a few weights of this type, they are among the must-have items in the home and commercial gyms.

With their massive expansion, in addition to areas in which they are already represented, such as strength and endurance training, this gym equipment is increasingly used in new techniques such as Crossfit or other high-intensity exercises.

However, with excellent quality and versatile use comes a high price. Kettlebells belong to the more expensive group in the world of weights. Of course, this is not without reason. In this article, I will explain why kettlebells are so expensive.

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Quick Summary

  • Kettlebells are expensive because they are made of costly and more rigid materials, there are not many of them on the market, and there is a great demand for them.
  • More expensive kettlebells are better than cheaper ones because they are long-lasting and durable.
  • Kettlebells are more expensive than other gym equipment, but they will last you longer and offer a variety of exercises you can do with them.

9 Reasons Why Kettlebells Are So Expensive

There are countless reasons why kettlebells are expensive. Some of the main ones are that they are made of more rigid and costly materials like iron and steel, there is a great demand for them on the market, and their production is not cheap and cannot meet the market’s needs. 

Now I will present to you the main reasons why kettlebells are expensive.

1. High-Quality Material Like Cast Iron

High-quality material like cast iron used in manufacturing is one of the main reasons kettlebells are so expensive.

Most kettlebells are made of cast iron, which significantly extends their shelf life and durability.

Often these weights are coated with some powdered coating, which provides additional protection against various types of damage, rusting, and other negative consequences.

The result of the longevity caused by the production of kettlebells from more robust materials and covering them with a better coating is precisely a much higher price. If you want to buy long-lasting weights, you will have to spend more.

2. Low Supply of Kettlebells

A low supply of kettlebells increases the price of these weights because they are not mass-produced, and there are many fewer on the market.

Unlike dumbbells and other gym equipment, kettlebells are still made using traditional techniques, i.e., by hand. Not many manufacturers of kettlebells are on the market, which further increases the price.

In the last few years, kettlebells have become much more popular, and the demand for them has also increased, which production cannot keep up with.

Precisely because of the traditional way of production and the increase in demand for kettlebells, the price of this gym equipment also jumps.

3. They Require a Lot More Iron to Be Made

They require a lot more iron to be made, which raises the price of kettlebells because iron is one of the more expensive materials.

In the production of this type of weight, iron is used the most because it provides strength, durability, and long-term resistance. It takes a lot of iron to make one kettlebell, and this material is not favorable on the market.

Iron gives kettlebells durability and longevity but increases their price quite a bit.

4. The Kettlebell Brand You Choose

The kettlebell brand you choose affects the price of your kettlebells because the weights of brands known to have a quality product are much more expensive.

The leading brands in this field know how to make a quality, long lasting, durable product. The higher the quality of a brand’s kettlebell, the higher the price will be expected. Its price will be higher, but it represents an investment that will pay off in the long run.

5. Kettlebells Are Becoming More Popular

Kettlebells are becoming more popular because of the variety of exercises you can do with them and their durability.

On a global level, people are increasingly concerned about their health and physical condition. In this sense, kettlebells can significantly facilitate your training because you can train for the whole body with only a few weights. 

Kettlebell training builds your strength, endurance, and core strength but can also help you lose weight. That’s why kettlebells have been gaining popularity for years, increasing their price and making them expensive.

6. The Technology Behind Kettlebell Production

The technology behind kettlebell production is quite expensive, which raises the price of kettlebells on the market. 

Kettlebells are most often made of durable and high-quality materials, such as iron or steel, which are more expensive materials for production. Kettlebell handles are often made of textured fabrics to ensure comfort and safety during use. 

This production creates a high-quality product. That is why the price is significantly higher than other types of weights.

7. Shipping Cost

Shipping costs raise the price of kettlebells because they are made of heavy materials that are not so easy to transport.

Kettlebells are most often made of iron and iron, which is inherently heavy. Transporting this cargo requires greater capacities of transport companies, more personnel, and much higher costs.

Don’t be surprised if shipping on your kettlebells is half the value of the kettlebells or even more. Due to transportation difficulties, shipping is another additional cost when buying kettlebells.

8. Effective Use Requires Practice

Effective Use Requires Practice, which is one of the reasons why kettlebells are expensive.

It takes time to learn how to do kettlebell exercises properly. Once you know how to perform the activities correctly, you can train your entire body, build endurance, strength, and core, lose weight, and do practically any goal.

The critical thing is to define what your needs are and what your fitness level is when buying a kettlebell to choose the appropriate weight.

9. Kettlebells Require Special Training

Kettlebells require special training because that’s the only way training with them can be effective. This significantly increases their price, but also the demand on the market.

 The exercises you do with kettlebells differ from those with other weights. Performance techniques are much more demanding but also more effective. 

What makes kettlebells an excellent option for practical training is the variety of exercises you can do with them. With them, your training will never be boring.

 The effectiveness, the variety of exercises you can do with them, and the training specialty make them much more expensive than other weights.

Expensive vs Cheap Kettlebells: Is There a Difference?

The difference between expensive and cheap kettlebells is huge.

More expensive kettlebells are made of iron and steel, i.e., materials that make kettlebells durable. Cheaper kettlebells are made of soft and defective materials and have a short shelf life. More affordable variants often do not have a coating or are coated with weaker materials, which can lead to cracking.

In the case of cheaper versions, the bras are made of weaker materials, which can lead to discomfort during exercise or even to breaking the bras and possible injury.

More expensive kettlebells will last long, making your training easy and safe. Cheaper kettlebells will save you money, but they make your workout more complex and can lead to potential injuries.

Are Cheap Kettlebells Worth It?

Cheap kettlebells are worth it if you want to save money, but be aware that the quality will worsen. A more affordable option is made of weaker materials and has a much shorter shelf life.

If you take the time to research before buying, you will be able to find medium-quality kettlebells at a budget-friendly price.

It is not recommended to buy the cheapest variants because different parts of the kettlebell may break. If this happens during exercise, you can injure yourself.

Are Expensive Kettlebells Worth It?

Expensive kettlebells are worth it because they offer durability, quality construction, and a variety of exercises you can do with them.

In essence, more expensive kettlebells will allow you not to worry about these weights in the long run and to exercise without worrying that they will get damaged and maybe even lead to specific injuries.


The durability of expensive kettlebells is ensured by the durable materials from which they are made and the coatings that protect them from damage.

More expensive kettlebells are usually made of materials such as iron and steel, which make them resistant and durable in the long run.

All more expensive weights have coatings that protect them from falling and any other moves that can lead to damage.

Quality Construction

The quality construction of expensive kettlebells makes them much easier to use, more durable, and resistant to any move that could damage them. Expensive kettlebells are of high-quality construction and will ensure you enjoy your workout.

Variety of Exercise Options

A variety of exercise options is what makes kettlebells ideal weights for training.

With just a few kettlebells, you can exercise the whole body. Most exercises you can do with them target multiple muscle groups, which will further shorten your training time.

With kettlebells, you can work on achieving different goals, from strengthening the core, strength, and endurance to losing weight.

Price Point

The price point for kettlebells is much higher than other gym equipment, but it represents an investment that will pay off in the long run. Kettlebells are much more expensive than dumbbells and barbells, but they offer many more training options and a more excellent range of exercises you can do.


Are Kettlebells Worth the Investment?

Yes, kettlebells are worth the investment. A kettlebell is a good investment in the long run because you can train safely and safely without your training becoming boring.

What’s So Special About Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are special because you can perform a variety of exercises with them, and they are durable and long-lasting. They have a handle that is easy to grip and fits your hand, so you can pleasantly exercise your whole body with a couple of weights.

Do You Need 2 Sets of Kettlebells?

No, you don’t need 2 sets of kettlebells. With one set of kettlebells, you can perform all exercises without problems.

Are There Any Budget Kettlebell Options?

There are many budget kettlebell options, but they do not provide you with comfort and safety during training. You can buy a shade cheaper kettlebells, buy used and find many other ways to save, but this is not a purchase that will pay off in the long run.

By buying the more expensive kettlebells, you are securing yourself in the long run. You will be able to train for a long time without any problems or worries that they will get damaged or cause you to injure yourself.

In the comment below, you can tell us which option of kettlebells you have decided on.

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