3 Best Kettlebell Storage Ideas

Kettlebell Storage Ideas

Kettlebells are a piece of gym equipment that briefly dominated the world of fitness. 

In addition to countless exercises you can do with them, which have excellent benefits for your body, kettlebells have gained global popularity because they are perfect for home gyms. 

Home gyms generally have limited space for both exercise and training equipment storage. Kettlebells can take up a lot of space in your home gym but don’t worry. 

Below, I am going to show you how to store kettlebells at home effectively and on a budget.

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Quick Summary

  • You can store kettlebells on the floor if you have fewer of them, while if you have more kettlebells, you can place them on some kind of a weight rack
  • When choosing racks, the most important thing is to think about how you want to save space and still be able to store all the weights in one place.
  • Some of the most common alternatives to racks are boxes, bins, wall-up shelves, and a DIY kettlebell storage rack.

How to Store Your Kettlebells?

How you store your kettlebells depends on the number of kettlebells you have, the amount of storage space, and many other factors. 

If you only have a few kettlebells, you can choose the most straightforward way – to keep them on the floor. 

If you are more experienced in this area and have a lot of kettlebells, then you can use some other variants, such as adjustable kettlebells or racks for storing kettlebells. 

Now I will present in more detail all the options for storing kettlebells.

Use Adjustable Kettlebells

– Built from alloy steel

– 18-35 pounds of weight

– Secure magnetic steel selection pin

Use adjustable kettlebells to save space in your home gym at the start.

This type of kettlebell is excellent for those who want to exercise in the warmth of their home but do not have much space. 

They are suitable even for those living in an apartment because they occupy minimal space.

They are great because you have almost 8 options for training in one weight, different weights that can easily be adapted to your needs.

However, they do not mean anything to you if you do not buy them at the start because if you already have kettlebells, they do not represent any help in their storage.

Consider the space before buying kettlebells to avoid the problem.

Include Kettlebell Racks

– Stores multiple types of fitness equipment

– Made from high-quality and durable steel

– 4 multi-direction wheels (2 lockable)

Include kettlebell racks in your gym’s equipment to solve the problem of storing kettlebells as quickly as possible.

Racks are the best way to solve the problem of storing kettlebells because they take up much less space, and you can put the arsenal of weights you own on them.

There are different types, such as vertical racks and horizontal and tree stands. You choose the type of a weight rack depending on where you have the most space to put them.

If you have time and want to save money, you can always make the kettlebell rack that will serve you in storing weights.

Now I will give you a closer look at the mentioned types of kettlebell racks. If you have time and want to save money, you can always make your own kettlebell rack to store weights.

Let’s take a closer look at the mentioned best kettlebell rack types below.

Vertical Kettlebell Racks

– Made with solid steel

– Can store multiple fitness equipment

– 8 racks in total

Vertical kettlebell racks are great for those who don’t have enough space in their home gyms to use kettlebell racks placed on the floor.

Vertical racks are excellent because they are attached to the wall, and you save space for other home gym equipment and the like. 

These small kettlebell rack options generally have 2 or 4 tiers, which can fit up to ten kettlebells.

The number of kettlebells that can fit depends on the quality and strength of your vertical kettlebell.

Its only drawback is that it is weaker and more unstable than other options, which is why it is excellent for saving space.

Horizontal Racks

Durable steel construction

– Two racks

– 300 pounds weight limit

Horizontal racks are excellent for those with a little more space on the floor and who want a stable and solid frame that can hold many kettlebells.

Horizontal racks are great because they can lean against the wall, so they don’t take up as much floor space in your home gym. 

They can accommodate more weights and bumper plates than vertical ones, are significantly more robust and stable, and are pretty accessible.

They are the best choice if you can afford them and have enough floor space to install them.

Tree Racks

Tree racks are rarer on the market and take up more space than other options, so you can usually find them in commercial gyms.

The kettlebell tree works by having pegs to attach your kettlebells.

They are mostly made to go in an X shape to increase the capacity and maintain the strength and stability of the weight rack.

If you have the space in the gym and the time to find them because they are rare, they are a good choice for you.

Make Your Own Racks/​Kettlebell Storage Rack DIY

You can make your kettlebell storage rack DIY with the will, desire, time, and equipment for such an undertaking. 

On the Internet, there are countless tutorials on making your homemade kettlebell rack from ordinary materials such as wooden boards, nails, and similar items used in the making, for example, furniture. 

Cut the wood to the dimensions that suit you, then glue all the parts with industrial glue, arrange and tighten it so that everything is stable, and believe it or not, with a little effort and much less money, you got a kettlebell rack!

It is essential to adjust the dimensions to the number of kettlebells you have, but feel free to make your homemade kettlebell rack a little bigger because you will surely buy more kettlebells.

Alternative Gym Storage Ideas

Countless kettlebell storage alternatives are reasonable and cheap, although they do not provide as much strength and security for your kettlebells. 

An excellent alternative for storing your kettlebells can be wall-mounted shelves on the walls. 

It is enough to go to the store and buy regular racks, attach them to the wall, and put your kettlebells on them. It is recommended to put fewer of them because they are not so durable. 

One of the best gym storage ideas for more expensive options can be storage bins, baskets, or crates.

They provide solid protection for your kettlebells and can fit many of them, and you don’t necessarily have to keep them in the home gym but anywhere in the home and take them as needed. 

There are, of course, the DIY kettlebell rack options mentioned above and frames for other gym equipment, such as dumbbells. 

Even these racks provide a good alternative and solution for storing your bumper plates while saving a lot of money.

Cost of Kettlebell Storage Industry Wide

The cost of kettlebell storage industry-wide varies from a hundred to several thousand dollars. 

Kettlebell racks and stands come in different sizes, shapes, and strengths, which also affects their price.

Vertical stands are pretty popular on the market and in short supply, especially if they are foldable models, and their price is often significantly higher. 

Other types can be expensive if they have many tiers for placing kettlebells or are made of complex materials.

Depending on your needs, the price of kettlebell racks also varies. Getting any kind of a kettlebell rack to store your kettlebells is okay.


Where Do You Store Kettlebells?

You store kettlebells on the floor with only a few or on the vertical, horizontal, or tree kettlebell rack. Depending on the space you have available depends on the choice of the weight rack.

Can You Store Kettlebells Outside?

You can store kettlebells outside, but only if that is your last option. If you keep them out, you must be careful, so they don’t get damaged.

How Do You Store Kettlebells Outside?

You store kettlebells outside by keeping them in boxes or bins so they stay dry and safe. This will ensure that external influences do not negatively affect your kettlebells.

Will Kettlebells Rust?

Yes, kettlebells will rust if you keep them in a wet and humid place. If they get wet regularly, they can deteriorate, affecting your weight.

What Is the Best Way to Store Kettlebells?

Placing your kettlebells on a rack is the best way to store them. The best choice for you depends on your space, the money you are ready to invest, and your needs.

If you want to save floor space, your choice should be vertical racks, while if you have more freedom and need to put more weights, then choose horizontal or tree frames.

If you don’t want to spend much money or enjoy a specific rack, you can always make a rack as you wish. 

It is essential that the stand serves your purpose, that it is stable and robust, and that there is enough space for all the weights.

We invite you to write in the comments below which kettlebell storage option you chose and why.

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