How Many Kettlebells Should I Buy?

How Many Kettlebells Should I Buy?

Kettlebells are already becoming a global trend in home and commercial gyms. Their wide use in various exercises for the more significant part of your body makes them excellent training partners.

If training with this equipment is new to you, you don’t know how many kettlebells you need and what you can do with them, don’t worry. In this article, I will explain everything you need to know to purchase them successfully.

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Quick Summary

  • One is enough for you if you are a beginner in training with kettlebells. If you have experience, you can move on to training with two kettlebells.
  • You can do a full-body workout with just one kettlebell.
  • Kettlebells are excellent for developing core strength, endurance and muscles because you target several muscle groups during exercise.

How Many Kettlebells Should I Have?

You should have one or two kettlebells. Depending on your experience and strength, it also depends on how many weights you need.

For a start, you should have just one kettlebell. If you are new to using this equipment, you need one. You can do practically all exercises with one kettlebell.

Suppose you have already experienced exercising with this functional gym equipment or have been exercising with one for some time. In that case, it is time to afford 2 kettlebells because you can get more out of one training session and distribute the weights evenly so that more muscles participate in the exercise process and increase their strength and endurance.

Benefits of 1 Kettlebell

With just one kettlebell, you can train almost every muscle group. Kettlebell workouts are much longer because they require you to do each exercise for both sides of the body, which will positively affect your body’s endurance.

Training with only one kettlebell significantly affects your posture and spine stability. Also, many exercises are based on rotating the kettlebell around the head, in front of the body, etc., which will strengthen your core strength.

Exercises With 1 Kettlebell

Kettlebells offer a wide selection of exercises that activate most muscle groups. They are considered one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in the world of fitness. With only one ball weight, you can complete the full training.

I will present some of the best exercises you can do with a single kettlebell.

1. Halo

Halo is an exercise where you stand up straight and swing a kettlebell around your head. You need to hold the weight as close to the body as possible and do it 8-12 times. It is excellent for strengthening core strength, hip and arms. It is a good warmup exercise for your shoulders. Knowing that you can only do this exercise with one kettlebell is essential.

2. Slingshot

Slingshot is a similar exercise to halo, only that we rotate the kettlebell around the hips instead of around the head. You need to put the kettlebell in one arm and turn it around your hips, passing it from hand to hand. It is important to be careful when handing over the weight so as not to injure yourself. This exercise is excellent for strengthening the hips, arms, core strength, abdomen, and back.

3. One Hand Swing

The one-hand swing is one of the most common connections you’ll find people working with kettlebells. You need to stand up straight, spread your legs and swing the weight between your legs. You must swing the kettlebell to chest height and hold it there to get the most out of this connection. This exercise strengthens your gluteus, arms, back, core strength, and obliques. Regular practice of this exercise positively affects your balance, stability, and overall fitness.

4. Turkish Get Up

This exercise is much more complicated and complex compared to others. To start, you need to lie on the floor with a kettlebell in one hand. Then gradually move to a sitting position until you are fully up and standing upright with the weight extended above your head. Then, with the same procedure, you return to the lying place. It is essential to fix the elbow so that you always keep the kettlebell upright. This exercise is excellent because you exercise the whole body with just one move

5. Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is an exercise for which you need already acquired core strength and stability during training. It is necessary to stand in a squatting position, raise and straighten one leg and slowly lower yourself. As you go down, you need to extend your leg out in front of you. This exercise is demanding and, therefore, not recommended for beginners, but it is excellent for strengthening the legs, back, and shoulders muscles.

Benefits of 2 Kettlebells

The benefit of two kettlebells is that you can do more demanding exercises with which you will achieve better results. Since it involves heavier weights and an even distribution of them on both sides of the body, you will be able to strengthen your core strength, stability, and endurance much more through a few exercises.

You should know that it is not recommended to train with two kettlebells if you have not fully perfected training with one kettlebell. If you skip exercises with one and jump right into two, you are putting yourself at risk of injury.

Double Kettlebell Exercises

Double kettlebell exercises are much more demanding and complex than exercises with only one weight of this type, but they enable you to achieve more significant results. I will present to you some of the most famous exercises with two kettlebells.

1. Clean and Press

Clean and press are one of the more straightforward but also the best exercises to mix cardio and strength training. Lower the kettlebells to the floor in the direction of the shoulders, then bend down and take a weight in each hand. Raise them and hold them for a few seconds at chest height, then raise them as high as possible. Hold them in that position for a few seconds, lower them to chest height and finally, hold them on the floor.

2. Double Lunges

Double lunges work by taking a kettlebell in both hands, holding them next to your hips with your arms fully straightened, and slowly lowering your back knee down. It is important to push your leg over the knee to avoid injury.

3. Racked Squats

These are practically ordinary squats with weights. Take kettlebells in both hands and hold them on your chest at shoulder width and lower into a squat and lift from it. This is one of the easiest exercises with two kettlebells that strengthen your core, lower back, shoulders, and leg muscles.

4. Single Leg Deadlifts

Exercise that strengthens the core, gluteus, legs, and quads and practically engages the whole body. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and take kettlebells in both hands. Slowly bend over forward until you touch the floor. At the same time, lift one leg to counterbalance.

Should I Buy One or Two Kettlebells for Home Gym?

You should buy one kettlebell for your home gym if you are a beginner in training with this gym equipment. If you are experienced in this training field and want better results, you should buy two kettlebells. 

There’s always the option to buy two kettlebells right away, so you don’t have to shell out the money to buy one more weight, and as soon as you notice you’re ready, you can start working out with two right away.

How Many Kettlebells Do I Need for a Home Workout?

You need one kettlebell for a home workout. With just one weight, you can exercise practically every muscle group in your body. If you are advanced in kettlebell training, you may consider training with two of them.

What Weight of Kettlebell Do I Need?

You need lighter weight kettlebells if you are a beginner in this type of training so you can prevent potential injuries. If you are advanced, you should buy heavier weights.

Kettlebells for Men

Kettlebells for men should weigh 16 or 24 kilograms. These weights are standard, and you can do almost all the exercises. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with weights of 16 kilos.

Kettlebells for Women

Kettlebells for women should weigh 16 or 8 kilograms, depending on the strength and experience with this gym equipment. If you are a beginner, exercise with kettlebells of 8 kilos.

Should My Kettlebells Be the Same Weight or Different?

Your kettlebells should be the same weight if you want to train with two kettlebells. If you want to focus on one kettlebell exercise, you should buy different sizes. Your choice of this gym equipment depends on the exercises you want to do with them.

What Size Kettlebell Should I Get?

You need smaller kettlebells if you are a beginner or bigger sizes if you are advanced in this type of training. By purchasing the right kettlebells for you, you prevent potential injury.

Kettlebell Size for Men

Kettlebell size for men should be 16 or 24 kilograms, depending on

your experience and strength. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start with weights of 16 kilos.

Kettlebell Size for Women

Kettlebell size for women should be 8 or 16 kilograms, depending on your experience and strength. If you are new to this type of exercise, we recommend starting with weights of 8 kilos.


How Many Kettlebells Do I Need for a Full Body Workout?

You need just one kettlebell for a full-body workout. Of course, if you want to achieve more significant results through training, you will need two kettlebells.

Can I Build Muscle With 1 Kettlebell?

Yes, you can build muscle with 1 kettlebell. By performing different exercises with the help of this gym equipment, you target several muscle groups simultaneously, which will facilitate your movement and strengthen your muscles over time.

Can You Get Fit With Just Kettlebells?

Yes, you can get fit with just kettlebells. Exercises that target multiple muscles simultaneously strengthen your strength, endurance, and stability and make you leaner over time.

Why Are Kettlebells the Best Functional Training Equipment?

Kettlebells are the best functional training equipment because, with only one weight, you can train practically the whole body.

The exercises you do with this type of gym equipment target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making it easier and shorter for you during training. They are great for home gyms because they don’t take up much space and can replace other gym equipment you don’t own.

In the comments below, you can leave your experiences in training with kettlebells.

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