5 Best BowFlex Home Gym Models in 2024 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best BowFlex Home Gym

Whether you are on a tight schedule or with a long work commute, or you are simply looking to become a modern Batman at home, finding the best BowFlex home gym can definitely help you with that. 

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I found that building or buying a fully-equipped home gym system such as BowFlex solves a couple of painful problems. 

Some of them include:

  • Needing to travel to a local gym that also may be too far away.
  • Waiting for equipment once you start your workout in the commercial gym.
  • Working out in crowded spaces when you are, in fact, claustrophobic like me.

Now, the last may not be entirely true. However, the truth is that BowFlex offers more than a few home gyms, and picking the one that suits your home setup quickly becomes a nightmare. 

That’s why I spend over 50 hours of research, so I can test, evaluate, and single out only the best BowFlex home gyms that deserve your attention. Let’s start immediately with the best home gyms I selected so you can hopefully pick the one that suits your home gym setup the best.

Top 3 BowFlex Home Gyms

BowFlex Xceed

BowFlex Xceed

– Experience a full-body workout with over 65 exercises and upgradeable resistance up to 310 pounds, ensuring your fitness journey never hits a plateau.
– The BowFlex Xceed combines a vertical bench press, squat bar, and lat tower, providing a versatile and effective workout in the comfort of your home.
– Enjoy long-term durability and peace of mind with a sturdy frame and generous warranties, including a 5-year warranty on power rods.

BowFlex PR3000

BowFlex PR3000

– The BowFlex PR3000 offers a seamless workout experience with its no-change cable pulley system, allowing quick transitions between exercises without hassle.
– With power rod resistance ranging from 5 to 210 pounds, upgradeable to 310 pounds, this home gym adapts to your evolving fitness levels.
– Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the PR3000 ensures lasting reliability, complemented by the flexibility of multi-use hand/ankle grips for a customized workout.

BowFlex Xtreme 2SE

BowFlex Xtreme 2SE

– The BowFlex Xtreme 2SE provides a comprehensive workout with over 70 exercises, a quick-change power rod system, and heavy-duty steel construction for maximum durability.
– Enhance your comfort and support during workouts with an ergonomic adjustable seat and 5-way hand grip/ankle cuffs, ensuring a safe and effective exercise session.
– Benefit from the included 7 trainer-built workouts, offering guidance and variety to help you achieve your fitness goals with this premium home gym.

Best BowFlex Home Gyms

  • Best Overall BowFlex Home Gym: BowFlex Xceed
  • Best BowFlex Home Gym for the Money: BowFlex PR3000
  • Best Premium BowFlex Home Gym: BowFlex Xtreme 2SE
  • Best Compact BowFlex Home Gym: BowFlex PR1000
  • Best Hybrid BowFlex Home Gym: BowFlex Revolution Home Gym

Best BowFlex Home Gym 2024 Reviews

Below are the best BowFlex home gym models that were carefully selected after thorough research and a unique testing process we will cover later in the article.

1. Best Overall BowFlex Home Gym: BowFlex Xceed


Durability: 5.0

Versatility: 5.0 

Price: 5.0


Full-body experience with 65+plus exercises

– Upgradeable resistance up to 310 pounds

Premium accessories like leg attachment, vertical bench press, abdominal crunch shoulder harness, squat bar, and lat tower

– 210 pounds of power rod resistance


Maximum weight recommendation310 pounds
Product dimensions53″D x 49″W x 82″H
Package weight83.01 kilograms
ManufacturerNautilus, Inc.

The BowFlex Xceed is a versatile yet compact fitness option that will give you the ability to achieve a full-body workout from the comfort of your own home. There are more than 65 exercises available, making this home gym a comprehensive workout solution that is great for targeting all of your major body muscles.

Based on my experience, the best feature of this machine is BowFlex’s innovative power rod resistance system that provides you with different levels of resistance, ranging anywhere from just 5 up to 210 pounds. 

In addition, you can increase and upgrade the resistance up to 310 pounds, which will allow you to increase your strength and intensity progressively as you advance in endurance and strength. Also, the integrated lat tower with an angled lay bar is an exceptional feature of this Xceed home gym, enabling you to build your shoulders and back effectively and quickly. 

It is worth mentioning that this home gym comes with a leg extension attachment, which you can remove if you intend to do squats, adding even more versatility to your routine. The Xceed is made out of durable material and a sturdy frame, making this home gym reliable and durable for the long term. 

You get a generous warranty that includes a 1-year for the frame, 2 months for parts, and a 5-year warranty for the power rods. The only thing that needs to be improved is that the box it came in was a total mess on delivery.


  • You can basically replace a bench press station, leg presses, and pulldown machines with this product
  • The Xceed allows most of what the higher-end BowFlex machines provide
  • It is a very solid build machine
  • Assembling was straightforward since it took about two hours to complete


  • The box it came in was a total mess on delivery, so they definitely need to improve on the delivery and shipping

2. Best BowFlex Home Gym for the Money: BowFlex PR3000


Durability: 4.9

Versatility: 5.0

Price: 5.0


Power rod resistance from 5-210 pounds of resistance

– Workouts are included

No-change cable pulley system


Item weight173.6 pounds
Item dimensions LxWxH‎76 x 86 x 82 inches
Country of origin‎United States
ManufacturerNautilus, Inc.

The BowFlex PR3000 is an extremely versatile fitness tool that is made to give you the ability to perform comprehensive training experiences while being in the comfort of your home gym. 

After I tried this product, the thing that stuck out from the competition was its power rod resistance system. After using it for some time, I was impressed with its resistance, which you can change from only 5 pounds to as much as 210 pounds.

Also, the power rods can be upgraded to 310 pounds, allowing you to increase the intensity of your workout progressively. The quick change power rod system is a perfect way if you want to have a seamless transition between exercises without the hassle of changing cables. 

This feature makes it easy to change from one exercise to another, making sure you get an efficient and smooth workout experience. The PR3000 is made out of heavy-duty steel, making it a durable frame that will give you a reliable option for several years to come. 

However, the gym comes with multi-use hand ankle/grip cuffs that are specifically designed to add flexibility and performance to any workout, allowing you to customize your training even more. The machine worked just fine for a couple of months, and after, the cable lost a bit of its strength.


  • Good quality material and is quick to assemble
  • It is extremely easy to change the weight 
  • It isn’t cheap, but it is definitely more than worth the price tag


  • The machine works okay for 2 months, but after the cables lose their strength a bit

3. Best Premium BowFlex Home Gym: BowFlex Xtreme 2SE


Durability: 4.9

Versatility: 5.0

Price: 4.9


70+ exercises that cover the entire body

Heavy-duty steel construction

Ergonomic adjustable seat with polyurethane high-density foam cushion


Item weight220 pounds
Product dimensions134.62 x 124.46 x 213.36 cm
Number of items1
Number of pieces4

The BowFlex Xtreme 2SE is a comprehensive and versatile fitness equipment that allows you to perform over 70 different exercises, making it perfect for individuals of all fitness levels. 

It is equipped with a quick-change power rod system, which allows the gym to seamlessly transition between the exercises without the need for you to change the cables, making sure you get an efficient and smooth workout experience.

One of the best features of this Xtreme 2SE is its robust construction, with a heavy-duty steel frame that will ensure you get long-term durability with this product. It includes a lat bar, squat rack, and ab training strap to add diversity to your fitness routine.

Moreover, the ergonomic adjustable seat features a polyurethane high-density foam cushion, which ensures comfort while training and the 5-way hand grip/ankle cuffs provide you with added support and stability. Also, the gym comes with 7 trainer-built workouts that are all included in the manual, offering you guidance and variety to help you achieve your goals in fitness.

The weights are probably misleading since they feel lighter than they should be.


  • The instructions helped me a lot when assembling this machine
  • It looks great, and it is not noisy at all
  • The design of the Extreme 2SE makes going from one exercise to another without a hindrance


  • The weights are probably misleading and lighter than what they should be

4. Best Compact BowFlex Home Gym: BowFlex PR1000


Durability: 4.9

Versatility: 4.8

Price: 4.9


More than 30 strength exercises

– 300 pounds of maximum user weight

Gives you as little as 5 pounds of resistance and up to 210 pounds


Package weight59.38 kg
Product dimensions84″D x 38″W x 82″H
Maximum weight recommendation145 pounds
Manufacturer‎Nautilus, Inc.,

The BowFlex PR1000 is an incredible home gym solution for people who are seeking to elevate their home workout routine to another level. With more than 30 strength exercises to pick from and a built-in rowing station, you can have a full-body workout experience that targets all your major muscle groups. 

One of the best features of this machine is its innovative power rod technology, which provides you with as little as 5 and up to 210 pounds of resistance. I can say that this unique resistance system is great at delivering a consistent and smooth feel during each exercise, mimicking the feel of free weights without any risk of inertia or joint pain. 

You can easily adjust the resistance level to match your fitness level at the moment, and when you improve, you can increase and make it more challenging as you progress and get stronger. Also, the gym’s design includes a horizontal bench press and lay pull-down feature, alongside triple-function hand grips added for versatility.

Despite its robust construction, the PR1000 maintains a compact footprint, making it perfect for people with home gyms that have limited space. Nonetheless, the folding feature just further enhances the space-saving design that it has, allowing you to store it with convenience when you are not using it.

My only concern about this product is that some of the parts were missing.


  • The price and free shipping through Amazon are unbeatable
  • Assembly was really very simple even though I am not a mechanic at all
  • The machine is sturdier than I expected it to be


  • Some of the parts were missing

5. Best Hybrid BowFlex Home Gym: BowFlex Revolution Home Gym


Durability: 4.9

Versatility: 4.8

Price: 4.7


Gives you full body workout ability with more than 100 exercises

– Space-saving design

Works with up to 600 lbs of resistance


Item weight 230 pounds
Product dimensions72.83″D x 38.19″W x 64.96″H
Warranty description‎labor 90 days, 10 years parts
Package weight490 pounds
Country of originUnited States

The BowFlex Revolution home gym is famous due to its revolutionary plate technology, giving you independent resistance of gravity and upgrading up to 600 pounds; it will ensure that you can have a challenging workout for all different levels. 

This machine boasts more than 100 exercises with unlimited variations, making targeting every single muscle of your body easier than ever before. After I used this product for some time, I was impressed with its moving arms, which have 10 positions and 170-degree adjustments, providing you with huge versatility and allowing you to target specific muscle groups efficiently. 

In addition, the inclusion of aerobic rowing capabilities with a sliding seat rail will just add a dynamic to your workout routine. I have to say that I’m impressed with its space-saving design, making the vertical bench foldable, which is convenient for storage and ideal for people who have limited space in their homes.

Also, the BowFlex Revolution home gym is very user-friendly, with no timers or ads, allowing its users to focus strictly on the quality of their workout without any distractions. Moreover, this machine has a sturdy design and an impressive warranty, which ensures you get the real deal.

The only downside is that the leg press is more catered to taller rather than shorter people.


  • The pulley system is quiet and very smooth
  • After I installed the machine, I was very satisfied with how sturdy and well-built it is
  • The assembling process is surprisingly easy


  • The leg press is more catered to taller people 

Best BowFlex Home Gyms Compared

BowFlex Xceed– Full-body experience with 65+plus exercises
– Upgradeable resistance up to 310 pounds
– Premium accessories like leg attachment, vertical bench press, abdominal crunch shoulder harness, squat bar, and lat tower
– 210 pounds of power rod resistance
BowFlex PR3000– Power rod resistance from 5-210 pounds of resistance
– Workouts are included
– No-change cable pulley system
BowFlex Xtreme 2SE– 70+ exercises that cover the entire body
– Heavy-duty steel construction
– Ergonomic adjustable seat with polyurethane high-density foam cushion
BowFlex PR1000– More than 30 strength exercises
– 300 pounds of maximum user weight
– Gives you as little as 5 pounds of resistance and up to 210 pounds
BowFlex Revolution Home Gym– Gives you full body workout ability with more than 100 exercises
– Space-saving design
– Works with up to 600 lbs of resistance

How We Tested the Best BowFlex Home Gyms

When it comes to finding the best BowFlex home gym models for 2024, our review process was thorough and meticulous. 

We understand that a home gym is a significant investment, not just financially but also in terms of the impact it can have on your fitness journey. Here’s a detailed look at how we tested each model to ensure our recommendations would meet a wide range of fitness goals and preferences.

The image showcases the different criteria we considered during the testing phase. We considered assembly and setup, build quality and durability, versatility and exercise options, resistance levels, adjustability and ergonomics, size and footprint, user interface, noise level, safety features, warranty and customer support, price and value, and user feedback.

Assembly and Setup

We started by evaluating the assembly process and setup for each model. Given that the ease of assembly can significantly affect your initial experience, we timed the setup process, noted the clarity of the instructions, and assessed the quality of the tools provided. 

Our goal was to identify which models offered a straightforward assembly that a user could manage without professional help.

Build Quality and Durability

Durability and build quality are critical for ensuring the longevity of your home gym. We examined the materials used in each model, from the sturdiness of the steel frames to the resilience of the power rods or SpiraFlex plates. We applied stress tests to simulate extended use, checking for any signs of wear or potential failure points.

Versatility and Exercise Options

One of the key advantages of BowFlex home gyms is their versatility. We tested the range of exercises you can perform on each model, noting how well they cater to upper body, lower body, core, and cardiovascular workouts. 

We looked for the ability to easily transition between exercises, which is crucial for maintaining an effective workout flow.

Resistance Levels

The resistance level of a home gym impacts its suitability for different fitness levels. We evaluated the range of resistance each model offered, from beginner-friendly settings to challenging loads for advanced users. We also assessed how easy it was to adjust the resistance between exercises.

Adjustability and Ergonomics

Comfort and adjustability can significantly enhance your workout experience. We tested the ergonomics of each model, focusing on adjustable seats, grip positions, and the overall ease of use. We aimed to ensure that users of various body sizes and types could comfortably and effectively use the gym.

Size and Footprint

Space is a premium for many users, so we measured the dimensions of each model when set up and noted any foldable designs for space-saving storage. 

We evaluated the footprint against the versatility and number of exercises each model offered, determining how well they balanced space efficiency with functionality.

User Interface

For models equipped with digital features or apps, we explored the user interface’s intuitiveness. We looked at how these features enhance the workout experience, from tracking progress to offering guided exercises.

Noise Level

A quiet operation is essential for home use, especially in shared living spaces. We noted the noise level during various exercises, identifying any models that were particularly loud or disruptive.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount, so we checked for features like secure power rod attachments, stable bases, and reliable locking mechanisms. We also looked for any design elements that minimize the risk of injury during use.

Warranty and Customer Support

A strong warranty and responsive customer support reflect the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and their commitment to customer satisfaction. We reviewed the warranty terms for each model and tested the responsiveness and helpfulness of their customer support teams.

Price and Value

Finally, we considered the price of each model in relation to its features, durability, and performance. We aimed to identify which BowFlex home gyms offer the best value for money, considering both upfront costs and potential long-term benefits.

User Feedback

In addition to our hands-on testing, we incorporated feedback from existing users. This helped us gauge real-world performance, durability, and user satisfaction over time.

Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a BowFlex home gym is an excellent step toward achieving your fitness goals from the comfort of your home. However, with several models available, each offering a unique set of features, it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you. 

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you navigate through the key factors to consider when selecting a BowFlex home gym that will best meet your needs.

The image showcases the different things to consider when buying the perfect Bowflex home gym for yourself. These include space requirements, budget considerations, fitness goals, resistance type and range, available exercises and versatility, adjustability for different users, assembly and maintenance, durability and build quality, technology integration, and accessories and expansion options.

Space Requirements

Before making a purchase, assess the amount of space you have available. BowFlex home gyms vary in size, and while some are compact and foldable, others may require a dedicated area in your home. Measure your available space and compare it to the dimensions of the model you are considering to ensure a good fit.

Budget Considerations

Budget is a significant factor in any investment, and BowFlex home gyms come in a range of prices. Determine how much you are willing to spend, and remember to consider the value over time. Investing in a more expensive model that meets all your needs may offer better long-term satisfaction and durability compared to a cheaper, less capable option.

Fitness Goals

Identify your fitness goals before choosing a model. If you’re looking to build muscle, consider a gym with higher resistance levels and options for muscle-specific workouts. If general fitness or weight loss is your goal, look for models that offer a variety of exercises to engage the whole body and include cardiovascular workout options.

One of the studies from PubMed Central, titled “Goal Setting to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle,” indicates that the theoretical constructs of goal-setting theory are associated with changes in health behavior. In addition to that, the study also found that inexpensive goal-setting interventions using motivational calls and newsletters can be effective in significantly improving F & V intake [1].

Resistance Type and Range

BowFlex home gyms use either Power Rod or SpiraFlex technology for resistance. Power Rod models tend to be more affordable, while SpiraFlex models offer a more consistent resistance that mimics traditional weights. Consider which type of resistance best suits your workout style and whether the gym offers enough range to grow with you as your fitness level improves.

Available Exercises and Versatility

The variety of exercises you can perform at a Bowflex home gym is crucial for full-body fitness and preventing workout monotony. Look for models that offer a wide range of exercises. The more versatile the gym, the more effectively it can cater to your evolving fitness routine.

Adjustability for Different Users

If multiple people will be using the gym, consider how easily it can be adjusted to fit different users. Features like adjustable seats, interchangeable handles, and quick resistance changes can make a single gym suitable for an entire household.

Assembly and Maintenance

Consider the assembly process and ongoing maintenance requirements. Some models are easier to assemble and maintain than others. Check user reviews and manufacturer information for insights into the assembly process and any recurring maintenance tasks.

Durability and Build Quality

The durability of your home gym is essential for safety and longevity. High-quality materials and construction should be a priority. Look for gyms with solid frames, durable resistance technology, and positive reviews regarding long-term use.

Technology Integration

Some BowFlex models offer technology integration, such as Bluetooth connectivity and app compatibility, providing additional resources like workout tracking and virtual coaching. If tech features are important to you, consider models that offer these capabilities.

Accessories and Expansion Options

Accessories can enhance your workout experience by enabling a wider range of exercises. Check what accessories are included with the gym and whether there are additional accessories or expansion packs available for purchase.

Who Should Buy a BowFlex Home Gym?

A BowFlex home gym is ideal for individuals looking for a versatile, space-saving solution to meet a wide range of fitness goals, from weight loss to muscle building, in the convenience of their home.

Who Shouldn’t Buy a BowFlex Home Gym?

Individuals who prefer the social atmosphere of a traditional gym, have very specific training needs that require specialized equipment or lack the space for even the most compact models might want to consider alternative options.

BowFlex Home Gym Alternatives

Let’s face it. Maybe a BowFlex home gym isn’t for everyone out there, even though they are of the highest quality. 

So here are some of the best BowFlex home gym alternatives to consider.

Total Gym APEX Versatile Indoor Home Gym


Durability: 4.9

Versatility: 4.6

Price: 4.7


– Accessories like wing attachment, larger squat stand, leg pull accessory, dip bars, training deck with holder, 2 stability mats, and others are included

– Folds easy to store

10 different levels of resistance


Materialalloy steel
Maximum weight recommendation375 pounds
ManufacturerTotal Gym
Measurement93-inches in length, 43.25-inches tall, and 15.5-inches wide

The Total Gym APEX versatile indoor home gym is a fitness tool that comes with 10 different levels of resistance and more than 80 exercises available for you. I find that this home gym will give you more than enough variety in your training options to suit everyone, from professionals to beginners.

One of the most important and key elements of the Total Gym is that it has fluid, low-impact movements, which will give you an easier transition between exercises. If you use it only 15-20 minutes per day, 3 or 4 days a week, you can see a significant improvement in your look towards your fitness goals. 

This machine is recommended for users of all kinds of fitness levels, aged anywhere from 8 to 80. The Total Gym has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds. In addition, the Total Body Method employed by this machine will make sure you have a comprehensive training guide for toning and targeting muscles in both the lower and upper body. 

Also, you can gain access to its TV, where you can find nutrition guides and exercise videos, and a DVD for added support to your fitness goal. One of the downsides I found is that the wheels are made from plastic, which doesn’t make them last a long time.


  • I set it up in under half an hour
  • It is really well made, and the quality is impeccable
  • Excellent value takes up very little space and offers several exercise and strength training opportunities


  • Wheels are made out of plastic that is not made to last a long time

NordicTrack Fusion CST


Durability: 4.8

Versatility: 4.6

Price: 4.7


– Comes with 10” HD portal 10i tablet

– Up to 100-pounds of total resistance

6-smooth cable stations


Item weight100 pounds
Product dimensions41.5″D x 60.5″W x 73.5″H
Maximum weight recommendation100 pounds

The NordicTrack Fusion CST is a unique fitness device that brings interactive fitness training powered by iFit to the comfort of your own home. 

It comes with a one-year iFit family membership, which can help you tremendously with the wide range of studio, live, and global workouts, making it easier than ever before to stay motivated and engaged in your fitness routine. 

The thing I like the most about these machines is the 10″ HD Portal 10i tablet that allows anyone to stream immersive workouts led by trainers directly from the tablet. It features 6 smooth cable stations and a removable ergonomic handle, making Fusion CST a versatile workout option to help you target several various muscle groups. 

Also, let’s not forget the SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance and 100 pounds of total resistance; you can do a unique workout to suit your specific fitness needs and goals. The Fusion CST combines high-intensity strength training with cardio workouts, allowing users to build both stamina and muscle from the comfort of their own homes.

The only downside I found to this product is the tablet, which is not the best and fastest device.


  • It was very easy to assemble the product
  • The video programs are good, and there are many different series to choose from with different difficulties and movements
  • You can choose the resistance level between 1 and 20, giving you a lot of flexibility for varying the resistance


  • The tablet that comes with the machine is not the best and fastest device

MARCY Pro Smith Cage Workout Machine


Durability: 4.6

Versatility: 4.6

Price: 4.7


– Off-the-floor base frame design

– Safety stoppers and adjustable bar catches

2-year limited parts warranty


Item weight 373 pounds
Material alloy steel
Product dimensions61D x 91.4W x 61H centimeters
Item display width20 inches
Material compositionsteel

The Marcy Pro Smith cage workout machine has an off-the-floor base frame that is specifically made to give you more stability, making sure you get a reliable and safe platform for workouts.

One thing that I find most interesting about this machine is the dual-action leg developer, which features six oversized roller pads and a curl/row bar, allowing you to have proper muscle isolation for a great and effective leg workout. 

In addition, the 2000-pound aircraft cables and pulleys with bearings are there to ensure you get non-jerking, smooth motion. After I tried this product for some time, I was fascinated with the number of exercise capabilities that you are able to do, some of which are dual function leg developer, smith press bar, pec dec system, and cable crossover high pulley.

The machine includes several attachments, like a lat bar, single D-handles, V-bar, ankle strap, straight bar, and tricep rope, which add another dimension and versatility when you perform your training. However, the loading pins at the back of the machine don’t glide and get caught all the time.


  • The delivery arrived earlier than expected
  • This machine looks great in your living room, patio, or wherever you put it, so long as you have space for it
  • Almost every major exercise can be done on this system


  • The loading pins at the back of the machine do not glide and get caught all the time, meaning you can’t use the cables normally


Is BowFlex really worth it?

BowFlex is considered worth it for users seeking versatile, space-saving home gym equipment that offers a wide range of exercises. The investment in a BowFlex home gym pays off in terms of convenience, variety of workouts, and the ability to fit into relatively small spaces, making it ideal for home fitness enthusiasts.

Which BowFlex is best for beginners?

The BowFlex PR1000 is best for beginners due to its affordability, ease of use, and the variety of exercises it supports. It offers a comprehensive workout experience without overwhelming users new to home gym equipment, making it an excellent entry-level choice.

What is the difference between the BowFlex models?

The difference between BowFlex models primarily lies in their resistance type, number of exercises supported, and price. Higher-end models like the Revolution offer SpiraFlex technology and support over 100 exercises, while entry-level models like the PR1000 utilize power rods and support around 30 exercises.

Can you really build muscle with Bowflex?

You can really build muscle with BowFlex, as its home gyms provide progressive resistance, which is essential for muscle growth. The key to building muscle with BowFlex equipment lies in consistently challenging yourself with increased resistance and varying your workout routines.

Why is BowFlex so expensive?

BowFlex is so expensive because it incorporates advanced technology like power rods and SpiraFlex in its equipment, offers a wide range of exercises in a single machine, and is built with high-quality, durable materials designed to last for years.

Can you get ripped on Bowflex?

You can get ripped on BowFlex by utilizing its varied workout options to target all major muscle groups, combined with a proper diet and consistent exercise regimen. The equipment’s ability to adjust resistance levels allows users to focus on muscle definition and strength.

Does BowFlex burn fat?

BowFlex does burn fat as it allows for high-intensity workouts that can elevate your heart rate and boost metabolism. Regularly working out with a BowFlex home gym, especially when incorporating cardiovascular exercises, can contribute to fat loss and improved body composition.

Can you run on a Bowflex?

You cannot run on a BowFlex home gym as they are primarily designed for strength training and not equipped with treadmills. However, BowFlex does offer cardio machines like the BowFlex TreadClimber for those looking to include running in their fitness routine.

How long does it take to see results using Bowflex?

It typically takes a few weeks to see visible results using BowFlex, with significant improvements noticeable in two to three months with consistent workouts and proper nutrition. Results vary based on individual effort, workout frequency, and diet.

What are the cons to a BowFlex?

The cons to a BowFlex include its high cost, the space required for setup, and the learning curve associated with using different attachments and settings effectively. Additionally, users looking for heavy weightlifting might find the resistance offered by BowFlex limiting.

Is BowFlex better than weights?

BowFlex is better than weights for individuals seeking a versatile, safer alternative to free weights, with the convenience of multiple exercises in one machine. However, traditional weights might be preferred by those focusing solely on weightlifting due to their simplicity and direct resistance.

Our Verdict on the Best BowFlex Home Gym

Our verdict on the best Bowflex home gym is the Bowflex Xceed. This model stands out from others due to its versatile design and innovative features. With more than  65 exercises to pick from, it gives you full-body training targeting major muscle groups. 

The best feature on this machine is  Bowflex’s Power Rod resistance system, giving you a wide range of resistance levels from 5 to 210 pounds, with the option to elevate it to 310 pounds. It is constructed out of durable materials and a sturdy frame; the Xceed is dependable for a long time and is backed by a warranty.

Please let me know which one is your favorite out of all the Bowflex home gyms available.


Durability: 5.0

Versatility: 5.0 

Price: 5.0


Full-body experience with 65+plus exercises

– Upgradeable resistance up to 310 pounds

Premium accessories like leg attachment, vertical bench press, abdominal crunch shoulder harness, squat bar, and lat tower

– 210 pounds of power rod resistance


  1. Paxton RJ, Taylor WC, Hudnall GE, Christie J. Goal Setting to Promote a Health Lifestyle. Int Proc Chem Biol Environ Eng. 2012;39:101-105.
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